Bengaluru Divided?

As an avid Instagram user, I have been seeing few posts that are popping up repeatitively with an hashtag to gain fame SOBA - South Bangalore: I also learnt this word recently, eventhough I have been living here in Bangalore from birth. WTF is this right?

People are really comparing two places? How low can we get? That being said, the ones that are emphasising this SOBA crap are none other than those who move from a different state, I am not telling this is bad, but do move back. We have had enough of your shit and we don’t want to separate a place so unique as Bangalore.

We shall take U25 (Under 25) as the case study and how they split this place apart. The Bangalore they know are literally of 4 places and 3 colleges. They accentuating on the word MACHA, BRO or any other verb that was solely used to communicate has been given a different meaning altogether and defining it. This is driving the sophisticated part of Bangalore to chime in on these as if they have never before. If brainwashing is an art, U25 is "THE PICASSO" of it.

The comments on their Instagram if they find threatening, oh boy, do they delete it ASAP.. PHEW..(INSECURE 100)

Believe me, I had a hard time convincing my parents what U25 fest was, I still don’t understand what to tell, so I just tell others it’s a convention for WOKE people to bounce off ideas and start creating problems.

Like they say, if you don’t have problems, create one.

Why they want to be cool, I will never understand anko

Those who are part of this and getting butt-triggered, please stay in your home with your own crowd. Don't ever spoil the naive parts of Bangalore.

Your sincerely

Bengaluru Hudga


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