Before a Motorcycle Ride

Have a destination in mind and want to ride there? Well, you've come to the right place to get started, firstly we are jealous that you are exploring the world one mile at a time. For starters, choosing a motorcycle to quench your wanderlust is the best way to explore. This shows you truly are an independent and travelling soul.

We have narrowed down the important and basic items for an enjoyable trip. The key to making the most out of your ride is early preparation, planning and effective space management.

Without further ado, let us dive into the world of moto-adventuring and some smart packing.

Key Factors You Need to Understand

Trip Duration:

How long is your ride? You don't pack much for a couple of days ride compared to a month-long ride.

Size of luggage:

We, motorcyclists, don't have the luxury of space in packing. Here you have to strategically & economically pack.

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Where are you going?

The type of terrain and location play a crucial in setting up your bike for protection accordingly.

Riding solo or with a pillion?

Packing for a pillion and yourself is a tedious task and the lack of space always leaves you hanging for taking a cruiser like the BMW K1600 or Honda's esteemed Goldwing.

Overnight stays?

Are you an adventure camper or play-it-safe kinda traveller. Both have their pros and cons.

You have to watch out for

Weather conditions

No matter where you ride, the weather is unpredictable. You set off with a sunny day but, while coming back, it can be dark and gloomy clouds filled with thunderous rain.

Missing out the important

No matter how prepped you are, you always miss out on one or the other thing. You might even come across a dilemma where choosing between them is quite intricate.

Road conditions

As an Indian, I can vouch that our roads are bad, that is the confidence I have. You never know when you might lose some nuts and bolts while riding.


Before you decide what to carry, you need to worry about how you are gonna carry it. If you have a cruiser like mentioned, you are set to go. But for others, it's quite a task in choosing. We have very few options.

Hard Case gives you more security and adds some weight to the overall weight also. They cannot be expanded and are quite sturdy.

Expendable Soft Luggage gives you as the name suggests, extra space but come at the cost of losing security.

Tank bags are for carrying your important documents as well as your camera equipment.

PROTIP- If you are using saddle bags, always make sure both bags are balanced.

Packing PROTIP- You can use vacuum storage bags.


Whether you are an old school traveller who wants to get away or an Instagram traveller, here are some essential accessories.

Phone Mounts

No one wants to get lost while you are travelling, a GPS on your phone might come in handy. It saves the hassle of taking out our phone every time you want to see your progress.


When you want to tie down your luggage on your bike or help someone get out of a muddy situation, ropes are your best friend. Just don't go cowboy style with a lasso.

Road Site Maintenance

As they say "A stitch in time, saves nine", carrying a toolkit does the same, you need not visit a garage just for minimal repairs, Doing-it-yourself gets you an inch closer to your motorbike.

Tire Repair Kit

Busted a tire and can't see any shops nearby, well purchasing a tire repair kit would have helped you.

Practice on few tyres before you can take care of it for real.


This section is self-explanatory. The important part of choosing proper clothing is to check the weather along your trip path and at your destination. Make sure you take your multipurpose garments.

PROTIP - It's better to carry twice the money, half the clothing apparel. You can always buy it at the nearest shop.


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