Brahmagiri Trek (Last of 2020)

Trekking is something I had avoided for years, given that I wasn't even fit for walking up the stairs. As this was an opportunity that knocked on my doorstep, I decided to take the daring and exhausting way.

For a noob, I had my wide smile on my face. I was curious about seeing a world from a different perspective. I awaited the endeavour with an anaemic body. Before that, I had to pack the necessaries. My medications were compulsory, I didn't want to make the next day's headlines. I packed a light bag that would suffice a day's trek after consulting the trekkers.


We had to reach the starting point of our trek, it was 300 odd km. We left a tad bit early to tackle the holiday season rush. We rode through Nagarhole Reserve Forest, we are a little bit optimistic about spotting a tiger. At last, all we had were few deers and a mongoose in their natural habitat to brag about. We reached our hotel late evening and decided to call it a day as the next day would be exhausting.

The Trek

The start was something I'll remember, while others walked straight to see Iruppu Falls, we traversed the forests leaving the footprints so that others could follow. We are advised to hire a guide because recent sightings of wild animals in that area had increased. As this was the first of many I would experience, I decided to cherish each moment. I clicked random photos that showcase the deep forest we were walking through. The walk opened up from the thick forest to a beautiful view.

After reaching the top we all sat in silence to bask in mother nature.

We had to leave before the sun would slow us down, we got down around 2 P.M. Our fatigued legs rested while we filled our stomach, the lunch filled our growling belly.

Journey Back

As we had some time to kill, in harmony we thought to go to Tirunelveli Temple. But bad luck followed us, the temple was closed. Seeing this we drove to Srirangapatna through the Nagarhole Forest, we spotted deers and the majestic wild bison. We slowed down so that they aren't disturbed. After dinner, we walked around the town where my friend's uncle was kind enough to give us a tour of the place. He showed us why Tippu Sultan had made this place the capital of his kingdom.

In the morning, we swam in the river that surrounds Srirangapatna.

After our bath, we left for Bangalore. This trek would be something I would always cherish.


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