Budget Solo Hampi

The time held its success by even ruining the greatest empire of India. A place so rich, there are stories of vendors selling gold and luxurious pearls. But, now they are replaced by vendors who are struggling to earn their livelihood.

Solo-Backpacking through Hampi was always on my mind, as the stars started to align, I managed to grab it never let go.

So my journey started from Kamalapuram at 12 in the noon, a native person helped me thinking I was a tourist. He warned me about wandering alone into secluded areas due to the recent encounters with Cheetah in that vicinity.

I thanked him for his gratitude and hired a cycle, an enthusiastic fueled by his wanderlust could be seen exploring Hampi on his own.

Stone Chariot + Vijaya Vittala Temple

The chariot rests inside the Vijaya Vittala Temple complex, the chariot is actually a shrine dedicated to Garuda. The chariot is said to represent the beauty and artistic perfection of the Empire. The chariot's wheels which turned in the past are now bolted due to tourists tempering with it.


They are sacred water tanks that are attached to the temple so that they can be used for various rituals and functional aspects.

Virupaksha Temple

The main temple is known for its inverted image of the gopura, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is one of the many temples where they still perform poojas.

Lotus Mahal

Elephants Stable

Matunga Hill

This is where I had decided to watch the sunset. The sunset with Aravind, Philip, Nithyashri and Arunachalam was the best thing. We decided to discuss our next trip over snacks. We exchanged numbers and promised to have a good road trip soon.

This is how I spent my day exploring Hampi with just 300 ($4) in my pocket.

Cycle - 150

Food & Beverages - 150


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