Pursuit of Adventure

Not to sound naive or rude, however our era is visiting broadly speaking for "Social Media". Unlike us, the older gens got down to discover the unknown, they could go back with memories to boast approximately their escapades in preference topics like us. A quote from Secret Life of Walter Mitty that usually evokes me to get out more is "Beautiful things dont ask for attention". This says we need to seek out the real adventures and natures jewels that are hidden among us. Only then we can say that we have lived our life to the fullest.

I see many youngsters jumping from one tourist attraction to another, to see whats worthy for their Instagram profile. I feel we arent travelling for us, but to please our peers. Somewhere along the line, we are being trapped in false contentedness of pleasing others. We should wander to learn and also enjoy the cultural diversity that surrounds us, small things like greeting a local and having a drink with them could be more enjoyable than looking at the map for the next destination. Biggest mistake right now is people are clicking the moment on their camera instead of living it. This way we lose out on the real essence of travelling.

From my diary, back when I was starting to wander off alone, I kept everything bottled inside and felt insecure about myself while approaching a stranger, now I can confidently say that I am an extrovert. Im sure I’ll get a few nods when I say this, always travel to see how you stand apart in the real world, nature can teach you one or two things about life than school ever did.

Make sure when you travel always GET LOST to seek the maximum adventure.

Ill end here by reciting Gustave Flauberts famous line "Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."



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