Rider Mania for Non-RE

Where do I start? The plan was all set-in motion until our college decided to postpone the 3rd internals which coincidently matched up with Rider Mania. I wasn't going to put my plans in the last drawer and forget about it, I came up with a sly plan to write my 4th Internals. But to be eligible you needed a genuine reason, I couldn't tell "Ey, I am Goa-ing, do grant me permission to appear for the 4th Internal". So, I needed a solid plan which would look authentic enough, later I convinced my parents to call up the HOD so that she would cede to my sly plan and grant me the 4th Internals. Now all I had to do was get set for the longest ride till date. The day had finally come where I would be riding across two states basking the view, on the contrary, my classmates who would be sitting in between four bland walls.

After packing the essentials, weighing up the bag so that it is balanced well and good, I set my alarm.

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Day 1

You remember the exciting sleep you had before a school trip? That's exactly what I had gone through. Early morning 3:30 AM I was ready to leave with my playlist all set. We had to rendezvous at Parle-G-Factory Toll Gate at 4:30. I was early. I spent time chatting with other riders who were waiting for their crewmates to come, and seeing the whole battalion of riders whizz pass you, I couldn't control my enthusiasm. A while later I see a few of my mates, I confronted them on their punctuality, later they made me realize it was me who was too early. We were a small group of 7 bikes, we had 3 Royal Enfield Classic, 1 Continental GT, 1 390 and my RTR which was the lowest powered bike, which I compensated with my sheer excitement. Somethings are not meant to be described, but to be experienced. I wouldn't bore you with the ride details, this is solely on my experience. It was almost evening when we reached Hubli for lunch and we realized we still had 300 km more to go, we had to pass through the Chorla Ghats which was kind of scary even for a 19-year-old after hearing stories of bears attacking riders. After passing through the treacherous roads, we made it into Goa around 2 AM, we checked into our hostels (Pappi Chulo Hostel). The staff were kind enough to finish the process and show us to our beds (Heads up you don't get rooms, they are like dorms). All slammed our faces against the pillows to rest our fatigued bodies.

Day 2

Waking up when the AC is turned off is the homeliest thing I ever did in Goa. Around noon all woke up, after reminiscing the previous day ride, we head to the event area which was nearby our hostel, but we decided to arrive in "STYLE" with our bikes. As mine was not a RE, I had to park it outside along with scooters and mopeds. We collected our goodies to show-off our odyssey souvenir. As it was blazing and humid for a basic Bangalorean, I decided to go and enjoy in our AC Room (middle-class things). As I was heading back, I realized Maharastra isn't too far. I put on my riding attire and rode along the Konkan coast which abuts the Western Ghats on the right and the Arabian Sea on the left, it was truly astounding to explore the wanderlust inside.

Then I came across one of the best small-sized airports (Sindugard Airport) on a hill to date, it was like an extended airstrip that housed a hangar. The view it possessed would be a sight for those who land there. After riding through the barren farms, I came to Malvan, where I heard had the best prawns ever and believe me, it was truly flavorful. The most welcoming thing that happened was when a stranger spoke to me in Kannada seeing my bike's registration number, I was practically amused by that.

I left as I saw the sun go down; it was time to head back to the hostel. I stopped beside the road for refreshments, I had a tough time translating Marathi and Konkani mixed dialect, as usual, I decided to go with sign language. Now with a filled stomach and fuel in my bike, I still had 70 or odd km to cover, thanks to the well-laid roads by the government (for once) I covered those miles without breaking a sweat.

Day 3

Today would be my last day in Goa as I had to return. All those who visit Goa, don't miss out on Chapora Fort (Dil Chahta Hai Fort).

After getting "baked" by the Goa's special, we head to the concert area where Parikrama, Avial and other famous bands would be playing. We then solely enjoyed the music and other various events that was organized. I decided to head back because I had to travel back alone the next day. Bidding all those I had met a farewell and promising them to meet up in Bangalore, I exited the arena.

Day 4

This day I was having mixed feelings, I wanted to stay and enjoy the last day of Rider Mania, but I wanted to have this solo ride back to Bangalore. Early morning before the chickens could come out, I left Goa in the blistering cold. The most entertaining part of a solo ride is meeting someone along the way, you bond along for the rest of the journey till we part ways. From being an introvert to an extrovert had changed my way of seeing life, travelling had much more to offer than just wandering, it gave someone like me a chance to represent and stand apart. Pondering all the thoughts while riding, I had an eye-opening moment when you ride through the coasts of India. The blue oceans and the breeze keep you on your feet every time. All I could see was blue on the right and green on the left. After filling my growling stomach by eating Masala Dosa (every South Indian staple food. XD.

Seeing a navigation board that bore directions on reaching Yana Caves, I decided to take a quick detour. Riding through the forest I had reached the caves. I couldn't explore much due to the heat and the baggage that wore me down.

Before I knew it, it was evening, I just started my ascended to the mighty Kudremukha Mountains. The last time I was here, I had promised myself I would ride here. The dusk was not only beautiful but also brought the chilling cold with it. The unpaved roads had taken a toll on both me and the bike. I rested while having some authentic coffee in Samse. The owners warned me due to the recent floods, the road had gotten worse. Along the way, I saw a few riders battling the cold and bad roads, we decided to have dinner. After our feast, we all rode till Bangalore. I wouldn't bog down the readers about how the rest of the journey has been, the Hassan-Bangalore has become a boring stretch for me. I reached home around 1 A.M, I slept in peace knowing I had achieved such a feat (at least for me it was).


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