Dusk that dawned a new perspective

This story is about my experience with one of the most sublime sunsets I’ve ever been to. It was November of a year in which floods hit us badly. But as an avid trekker and nature lover, this means more greenery even towards the apex of the mountain.

We started the day with a short journey to the base. We had packed necessary comestibles (bread, jam, homemade avalakki). It was half-past 12, the most unsuitable time for the journey up. You might wonder as to why we started so early for sunset. Our guide had different plans for us. We took a little detour from the intended destination. To begin with, it was just walking among the canopy on almost level ground. This didn’t kick much despite the leeches (will get used to after 2-3 treks). But midway into the trek, canopy covering ended. It was just knee level grass and the hot sun to accompany us. To my ill-fate, I had worn half pants (not recommended for people with skin problems) and my crocs which made it even more difficult. But crocs are helpful for leech attacks as salt can be applied on the go without having to remove shoes.

After the prolonged hike among what felt like an African savannah, we reached the primary destination which was around 6 km away from where we started. This part I guess would appeal to most Bangaloreans as it had a rock plate at the edge. We clicked pictures enough for a year and finished our lunch there. It was quarter-past 4, and the crepuscular light started to take over.

Following another short trek (2km) amidst the luxuriant green fauna, we were there. Every one of my friends began unloading their cameras when all I had was my D5200. Unfortunately, it started drizzling accompanied by overcast miasma. But due to the altitude and propinquity to the sea, there were mild winds that carried the clouds away. However, there was a deluge on the obverse side of the opposing hill which was shocking considering we stayed dry.

One of my friends was setting up his gimble when he saw a common green snake hanging around his backpack. Our guide started playing with it despite people telling him not to disturb it, but he also let me get a feel of its rubbery skin. It was time for the sunset. The sun started fading away in the distant horizon among the sea. This is when we got a saffron-coloured sky. There was a desiccated tree that made the photographers go crazy as they caught sunset from all angles possible. I got my two usual profile pictures and then just imbibed the beauty of nature as the sun went down.

Then we headed down to close what was an amazing trek with an effortless trip back to the base.


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