Trip Ideas You Won't Regret

What are the feelings that arise when I saw vintage/old-school/retro travellers?

Only when you compare the present digital era it hits, you realize that the older time was simpler, but was it though?

This same thought came to me when I first read the travel journal of Che Guevera where he depicted the worldly treasures he came across on his 8,000 mile trip along the scenic and the treacherous Andes- Amazon. In his book Motorcycle Diaries, he illustrates the difficulties in his past prepared him better for the future that lay ahead, which in turn made his escapade a setting stone in the revolutionary paths he set forth.

All he had for guidance was a map for his travel and a friend, to ensure that the mind doesn't wander into loneliness. This had a huge impact on him as well as on my life because that is when I realised that the lack of a tourism department in a country meant leading a raw/immutable life when you hit the road. I'll let you ponder on this fact while you think about it.

In this Digital Era, the booming virtuality is trying to hinder the old-fashioned ways of doing stuff. You have the ease of accessing a map at your fingertips to find your way back. The real adventure lies in finding your way back like olden times. The classics are still sold because there are still few left who believe that old is gold. There are travel websites and travel agents that do nothing but spend your hard-earned money on by showing you comfort that is unnecessary, you don't get to explore the real nature of adventure neither do you feel the tranquillity that was your motive when you set out.

Wherever you may be in this world if you can find your way back home irrespective of the location, you are a certified survivor according to me. For those old-timers who love to do it the traditional way, I propose this new method of seeking wanderlust that you may try giving it a chance. The mode of transport is left to you and your imagination, it can either be flights, backpack, car or even a bike. Who cares right? Exactly

Things you'll need for your next adventure :

  • A cell phone that has no internet or GPS.

  • Topographical Map and a compass.

  • A friend who is willing to sacrifice his time.

  • A camera

These 5 and some rudimentary street skills are enough for your next unplanned adventure.

Mark the end-point of your location on your map and set sail.

You might not be confined to your region, state or even your country, be a free soul and choose this new way. Though the brave souls emerged scathed with battle-scars, this prepared them for their next war.

Che Guevara may not be the only example here, but few renowned travellers like Ted Simon, Levison Wood, Maggie Draycott, and the list keeps going.

I'll leave you now with this quote "To see the world things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and feel that is the purpose of life." - Walter Mitty


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